Rerouted’s Launch Team

Life is full of decisions, like which college to attend, major to declare, city to live in or person to marry.

Have you ever found yourself stuck and unable to make a decision?

Does God care what you decide?

In Rerouted, Janay Abale outlines many principles of discerning God’s leading in your life to help you get past the stuck and into the freedom of living a life of confident surrender.

Using anecdotes from her own God-led journey from middle class America to missionary to Uganda, Janay vulnerability will stir you to pursue God’s leading in your own life.

What is the Purpose of Rerouted’s Launch Team?

A book lives or dies by how well it launches. Over a thousand new books are released every single day. Unless a book has a strong launch it will get lost in the noise and slip away into obscurity. A book launch helps make a lot of noise so that the book gets noticed so that others will purchase, read, review and spread the word even further. Book launches build audiences. Audiences talk, bringing new people into the audience.

Rerouted’s Launch Team

Being a part of a launch team requires commitment. Launch team members must be willing to buy and promote the book in a variety of ways (posting reviews to retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, posting on social media and more).

If you are interested in being a part of the launch team, please fill out and submit the application below. The deadline for submitting the application is _____. I will get back to you after reviewing the applications. Thank you for your interest!

Impact a Life


  • This book needs to get into the hands of anyone who has ever struggled to make a life decision.
  • People need to be set free from decision paralysis and walk in the freedom and confidence that comes from hearing God’s voice speak direction into their lives.
  • This biblically based book will help every Christian grasp the key to the life of purpose God has for them and the joy that comes from walking in that calling.
  • Particularly helpful to young people, this book will spark a generation to pursue everything that God has for their lives.
  1. Launch team members are expected to buy the book. This makes the book review left on Amazon a “verified purchase” so that the review doesn’t get deleted.
  2. Launch team members are expected to leave at least 2 reviews on different retail platforms/book review sites (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc).
  3. Launch team members must promote the book in their sphere of influence using various channels. (Social media, in-person, email, etc.) Not on social media? No problem. We are all influential in different ways. You will promote using your strengths.
  4. The Launch Team commitment will run for a 6 week period- 2 weeks prior to the official launch (for planning purposes) and for the CRITICAL one month window of the actual launch.
  5. Launch team members are expected to spend between 10 to 20 minutes per day helping to promote the book, checking in with the launch team for updates, instructions, and announcements.
  6. Leadership positions within the team are available. The positions include: scorekeeper (data and stats), group morale booster, task manager, graphics creator, and group moderator. If interested in any of these positions, please indicate your interest in the application form.
  7. Launch team members should be willing to join Discord (available as a phone app and desktop app) this platform will be used to faciliate group communication.