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Are you a missionary who often feels caught in the fray? Are you longing for wisdom and encouragement for your ministry? Do you wish you could share a cup of tea and your heart with someone who understands your unique missionary struggles? Have you lost the joy of your calling?

This book is for you.

Written by a missionary with over ten years of experience, Philippians for Missionaries empathetically and insightfully helps you process and apply God’s Word to your real-life missionary experiences.

This 30-day Bible study seamlessly draws truth from all over Scripture as it guides you through Philippians. There, you learn from the ultimate missionary, the Apostle Paul, and discover the secret of his unquenchable joy and strength.


  • Daily Deep Dive sections that direct you deeper into God’s Word
  • Quotations from well-known missionaries and church leaders to inspire and encourage you in your calling
  • Daily “Dear Missionary” sections where you enjoy a heart-to-heart with a fellow missionary
  • Designed to fit any schedule–do as much or as little as you need

God never intended for you to struggle alone. Allow Janay Abale to come alongside you in your missionary journey as you take the gospel to the nations.

This book is scheduled for publication in late 2024. Sign up below to receive notifications on the book’s release and occasional updates from the author.

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