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Are you a missionary yearning for wisdom and encouragement as you fulfill the great commission? Do you wish crave a companion who truly comprehends the unique challenges you face in your missionary endeavors? Look no further.

Philippians for Missionaries, penned by a seasoned missionary with over a decade of experience, compassionately aids you in navigating and applying God’s Word to the realities of your missionary calling.

This 30-day Bible study seamlessly weaves together insights from the Scriptures as it leads you through the book of Philippians. Here, you glean invaluable lessons from the ultimate missionary, the Apostle Paul, unraveling the mystery behind his unwavering joy and resilience in his calling.


  • Daily Deep Dive segments that plunge you into the depths of God’s Word
  • Inspirational quotes from renowned missionaries to uplift and fortify you
  • Flexibly designed to accommodate any schedule—engage as much or as little as you need

Don’t journey alone. Let Janay walk alongside you in your mission as you spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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