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Janay Abale

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Philippians for Missionaries: A Deep Dive Devotional

Allow a fellow missionary to take you on a journey through the book of Philippians. This 31 day devotional has something for every schedule. Short on time? Read the commentary on the day’s verses and apply it directly to your calling as a missionary.

Looking for something more? Access the Deep Dive section for in-depth Bible study questions that will have you digging through God’s Word.

Either way, you will find yourself challenged and sharpened by Paul’s epistle to the Philippians.

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Rerouted: God’s Leading in a Reluctant Missionary’s Life

Jonah got a big fish. Janay got a rogue wave.

In Rerouted, Janay Abale describes her journey from pursuing a comfortable life in Southern California to giving it all up to live in a rural part of Northern Uganda as a missionary.

Providing an intimate window into her spiritual growth, Janay addresses topics like:

• How YOU can Discern God’s will for YOUR life

• Asking God to give you the desires of your heart

• Why surrender is the only path to genuine joy

• God’s heart for every believer

Thoughtful and encouraging, Rerouted will spur you on in your desire to surrender everything to Jesus in exchange for His unsurpassable joy.

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