Avis Goodhart Out of the Dust Book Review

Avis Goodhart’s Out of the Dust: A Review

5 star rating for Out of the Dust Avis Goodhart
Avis Goodhart Out of the Dust

I’m always on the lookout for missionary memoir because it’s in the story of our lives that we can see God at work so powerfully. Avis Goodhart’s life story, detailed in her book Out of the Dust, does exactly that.

Her testimony shows how God can use anyone to be His hands and feet and it’s exactly the things that we think disqualify us that make us so useful for God’s kingdom.

Avis refused to let her hardships hold her back and explains how her weaknesses have made God’s glory shine all the more. God picked her “out of the dust” and has made her life shine.

The first part of the book explains her childhood, young marriage, divorce, remarriage and her desperation to find a true relationship with Christ throughout it all.

All of the experiences of her life “worked together for good” (Romans 8:28). Avis traces how God prepared and led her to the mission field in different countries. Eventually she founded an orphanage in Peru and has impacted thousands of lives through her ministry.

Avis is proof that God is ready to use anyone with a willing heart.

I give this heart-warming, relatable, encouraging missionary memoir five stars.

Why you should read Out of the Dust

  • There’s no guilt in these pages. Just a woman’s passion for Jesus, love for orphans, and a faith that moves mountains.
  • The book is easy to read, interesting and will give you a taste of missions work in Peru. Maybe it will inspire you to give missions work a try!
  • Avis’ commitment to her Savior and willingness to follow God anywhere will inspire your own faith.
  • Reading about all Avis has accomplished through the Lord’s strength despite her weaknesses will give you the boldness to move past your own weaknesses and do something for God.
  • Avis will encourage you to let God use the painful experiences of your life to bless others.
  • In between each chapter, there are short bonus chapters about different people whom God has picked “out of the dust.” This book has so much evidence of how God lifts the humble and gives them new life. It will help you recognize how God is lifting you.
  • The proceeds from book sales go to support the orphanage in Peru.

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