Open Ears, Open Hearts

Women Dancing wearing colorful African dresses

The past months have brought a firestorm of ideas, two of which I greatly desire to see come to fruition for the Aringa people. Though similar, they target different audiences.

The first is for the women of Aringa. I want every woman to have access to Bible teachings in the Aringa language. These teachings will be accessible via a podcast for those with smart phones (believe it or not, smart phones are becoming more common, even in the village) or loaded onto a memory card for those who have the old style simple phones.

The second is for the children and families of Aringa. I want to publish family audio Bible studies that parents can use with their children at home. They would simply push play and then listen to a gifted Bible teacher sharing a Bible story in their mother tongue. The recording would have discussion questions and give parents a powerful resource to train their children at home.

Both projects are overwhelming in the organization and amount of work required to pull it off, but we serve a faithful God who does more than we can imagine. Pray with me over these projects.

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